The Usa-China Trade War : Import Restrictions From The International Trade Law

The aggressive restriction on importing service and goods by the USA has led the world into a modern warfare, a trade war era. The USA started the trade war by increasing the import tariff of steel from China by 25% after experienced US$ 65 million trade deficit by March 2018. Gauntlets have been thrown, China happily answered this by picking them up, increasing the import tariff for dairy products up to 25%. The so-called trade wars between these two economic titan countries has caused effect not only between them but also the world in general.As the world economic leader, the USA echoed the free trade imposition throughout the globe. The restriction, however, has showed the different side of the USA that is refusing the free trade itself. The further development leaves us with a question on whether the result of the economic warfare will affect the shift of power. This paper aims to identify the existing war trade between the super power countries and find out the legal and economic effects before eventually come up with a conclusion on whether the shift of power from the USA to China is happening..Read More


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